Aspects of Civil Engineering Contract Procedure

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To maintain the quality of work in the construction process, the duration of every stage should be analyzed and evaluated before the process starts.

Aspects of Civil Engineering Contract Procedure

Every stage of construction should have its own time period of implementations. The stages of construction for a couple of projects are mentioned below: Highway Project Take a look at the factors to consider while planning a highway construction project. To start the process of construction, the entire stages are classified further into numerous operations. Every stage of the construction process has always been facilitated with high technology equipment to sure quality and perfection.

POINT OF SINGLE CONTACT | Execution of Building and Civil Engineering Projects by Legal Persons

Professionals from all sorts of departments come together and work as a team to get started with these projects. Every sub operation having another operation is marked as the part of the project that is to be carried out through the division of labors with respect to skills and quality equipment.

Makerere University

All the operations required for the process of construction of the R. They are responsible for making the design of the project they are assigned whether it is a transport project, a water or sewerage system project or more.

What does a civil engineer do?

They plan, design and then test the structures before they are ready to be used by the public. The work starts from making architectural drawings, then choosing material for the project and then working on the design. They have to produce an economical, safe and environmentally stable structure for a particular project. Civil engineers can choose the fields of municipal engineers, chief civil engineer, structural engineers, construction engineers, water supply distribution engineers, or even transport engineers as area of specialization.

These engineers are also required to handle some activities related to site preparation.

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These include excavation, grading the large projects or even earth moving. They have to evaluate and monitor the projects too.

Tendering Process

They are also responsible for ensuring quality of materials and project structures. How to Become a Civil Engineer? Like the fields of medical, finance, human resources, physics, mathematics, civil engineering is also categorized a separate field of study. If anyone chooses to become a civil engineer, he or she has to decide that from high school.

At this level, students are taught to build structure and prototypes with blocks.

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  • Then as they each higher level, they come into the practical field. Civil engineering is a science discipline. Physics, Algebra, Chemistry and Trigonometry will be a part of the daily work of a civil engineer. Civil construction and engineering is all about problem solving. Description In order to undertake and execute Building and Civil Engineering projects in the Republic of Cyprus, the company needs to register at the Contractor's Register and obtain an annual licence by the Council for the Registration and Control of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors.

    In the case of partnerships, contracts for the execution of a building or civil engineering project must be concluded in the name of at least one member of this partnership who is a registered contractor and holder of an annual licence for the class and category of the project which is to be undertaken. The partnership does not need to obtain any additional licence other than the individual licence of one or more members of the partnership see Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Practice.

    What is a Civil Engineer?

    The term "contractor" refers to an individual, or body corporate, which by profession undertakes to execute or executes a building or civil engineering project including the commissioning of labour only against a specified sum or percentage remuneration or against any other lawful consideration except for a salary or for his own exploit or for any other use or purpose. Specifically, the "civil engineering project" refers to the erection or construction, or extension, or alteration, or repair of any work, which technically belongs to the field of civil engineering and which is not a building project, and includes roadworks, the construction of bridges, tunnels, dams, drains, harbour works, airports, sewers, drainage, water and irrigation works, beach protection works, quarrying and mining works but does not include fencing and retaining wall constructions of a height not exceeding cm, the digging out of ditches of up to 80 cm in depth and the laying out of pipes of less than 10 cm in diameter unless the Council deems that it is a civil engineering project of a specific class on account of the project's nature and special features.

    Notably, the projects are classified into five classes according to their type and area or their total value in the case of building projects or civil engineering projects respectively see Classification of works by category, class and type provided in related documents.

    Eligibility Criteria The Registration and Control of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Law grants powers to the Council for the Registration and Control of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors for the issuance of a licence to building and civil engineering contractors to both natural and legal persons.

    Application Procedure Initially the application for registration of the technical director needs to be submitted and the Certificate of Registration and the annual licence to be obtained see Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Practice in related links. Box , Nicosia Tel.

    The technical director is required to present himself in person and sign before the Council a written statement, on the form prescribed by the Council, that he accepts his appointment as technical director of the company and undertakes all the relevant duties and responsibilities.