Backup & Recovery: Inexpensive Backup Solutions for Open Systems

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It also has a graphical user interface called Grsync but one advantage with the rsync is that backups can be automated using scripts and cron jobs when used by experienced System Administrators on the command line. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to do backups easily. It helps to perform secure, remote and also incremental backups over a network. It is backup solution for Gnome desktop where users can access all configuration via Gnome interface. Users can use regex to specify file and directory paths during the backup process. It is an an easy to use backup tool for Unix operating system and can be used on Linux.

It can create archives and compress them using tar and gzip utilities respectively.

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It is designed to for enterprise level use with high performance measure. BackupPC can be used on servers, desktop and laptop computers.

Backup & Recovery: Inexpensive Backup Solutions for Open Systems

And for backups on Windows machine, it uses native Windows client. Users can setup a single backup server to store backups from several machines on a network. It is simple and easy to use backup tool for Linux operating system and works by taking snapshots of specified directories and backing them up.

This is a free backup and rescue software which is reliable and all features-inclusive. It also has data rescue and recovery abilities during backup process in case of any destructive events. It is an open source backup tool and can be configured to work automatically. It has features such as:. It is a free powerful, quick, reliable and easy to use backup and sync tool that is powered by the rsync backup tool. It is an open source backup tool that is intended for personal use and it allows a user to select a set of files or directories to backup and select the backup method and storage location.

It is an open source set of programs that allows users to backup, recover and protect data on Linux systems. The basic functionalities are free but payment is required to use professional backup features. It has features of Bacula backup tool. It can be used to perform daily backups and only changes in files since last backup are archived, using the deduplicating approach.

Restic is a free open source, efficient, easy-to-use, fast and secure command-line based backup program.

Backing Up and Restoring in Windows 10

It is designed to secure backup data against attackers, in any kind of storage environment. Rsnapshot is a free open source backup tool for Unix-like operating systems, based on rsync. It is designed to take a filesystem snapshot on local machines, as well as remote hosts over SSH. Rsnapshot supports periodic snapshots and users can automate backups via cron jobs. In addition, it is also efficient in managing disk space used for backups.

Burp is a free open source, efficient, feature-rich and secure backup and restore software. Timeshift is a backup and restore tool for Linux systems which takes incremental snapshots of filesystem at regular intervals. It works in a similar way as rsnapshot since it uses rsync and hard-links to create snapshots , but offers certain unique features that are not present in its counterpart.

Additionally, it is designed to only backup system files and settings. Duplicity is a free open source, secure and bandwidth-efficient backup tool based on rsync. It creates encrypted backups of directories in tar-format archives and backs them on the local or remote machine over SSH. When launched for the first time, performs a full backup, and in subsequent backups in the future, it only records parts of files that have changed.

It allows for local, remote, or cloud backup storage with services such as Google Drive and Nextcloud. Always remember that backup is very important and helps prevent data loss and you can use various backup tools for Linux to carry out regular backup of your data. You could be using a backup tool that we have not looked at, let us know of it by posting a comment and hope you find the article helpful and always remember to stay connected to Tecmint.

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    If i use this tool i wand to shutdown my server so that i m searching other tool. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Lots of resources available when searched for that program. NAS itself can have the disks encrypted — e. Verecloud is an IT service provider. RAID is likely not enough, you will want to ensure that your customer's data is never at risk for being lost.

    Ensure that you can operate in a multi-tennant fashion so that customers cannot access each other's data. You should also consider some level of encryption to protect customer data from other "prying eyes". You should have a well defined process that can be automated so that each customer backup onboarding and ongoing backups are automated.

    You will probably need something that is client-facing to enable them to manage the files that are being backed up.

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    This will be challenging. Given the above requirements, how will you differentiate on the features and pricing compared to the competition: Mozy, Carbonite, Iron Mountain, Dropbox, etc. You may want to consider simply being a reseller of these services rather than attempting to operate them yourself. You can then add value by managing on behalf of and could see better margins.

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    • I use Vembu StoreGrid to provide this function. Not only that, it's brandable in several levels.

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      So are you intending on setting up servers in house to move data off site to or are you looking to re-sell a service. The big question that nobody has asked is what kind of bandwidth do your customers have? Then the next question is what kind of data are you looking to protect off site? Are these customers storing large sql or exchange databases or is it mostly unstructured data?

      I would check out www.

      They have a very straight forward GUI for the entire backup process that is web based so you as the MSP can access and manage it anywhere at any time and their service has a lot of resale value. I found out about this the hard way. I had a client that I set up who was on HughesNet.