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The latter, he can handle. CP: That makes me think about the illusion of cohesion. While reading your book, I was consistently struck by the quick juxtaposition of Berlin and Chicago narratives. Can you talk about the seams between the scenes? DP: I hope that is not just an illusion. The nonlinear must be coherent according to whatever its rules are, as a way to tell a story. Jed proceeds chronologically, at first.

It is only at the end that he loses his battle against feeling and the walls of memory, as the borders in his head around certain things begin to crumble.

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I used to tell my students that because they had watched as much film as they had read books, the jump cut felt natural for them. For me, it remains a conscious modernist technique—if I can get away with saying that.

To cut things up makes it easier to leave things out. Jed omits nearly his entire story in order to concentrate on that season of love that apparently ended for him when the Wall went down.

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CP: That feels connected to the interesting societal ambiguities that Jed flows through—ambiguities that seem natural to lived experience but might challenge the conventions that want identities to stay fixed. DP: Jed is a changing self, or a changed self, a self that has lived through what he is telling us. He may be telling a very narrow story, but presumably he is doing so because it was the time when his life had the widest possibilities and when life itself held the deepest meanings.

He remembers that lots of things happened to him in this brief season or could have, and he is full of feeling for the people he knew or merely had been around, sharing a scene in Berlin, supporting one another just by being there—another American, a black American, a black queer American, making up for himself or herself what that meant. And maybe this goes back to the question about cohesion, to how the persuasiveness of a single, constant, coherent self is related to the first-person voice.

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This is his riff, his dance of song. Jed can go backward and forward and around and around in his head, but it is his voice—one voice. And my hope is that his tone is right, that it appeals to the reader, and makes the reader want to sign up for the ride. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Black Deutschland

Art21 About Contributors Back Issues. Support Art Toggle navigation Current Issue News Education. I was driven a great deal by my own memory of how Berlin felt: empty and private, populated by phantoms. Pinckney's writing is much cooler; "Black Deutschland" not only channels Isherwood, but also suggests Ellison's "Invisible Man" and Teju Cole's more recent "Open City" — each one the tale of an outsider whose sharp observations and sometimes sardonic humor are partly made possible because all three are more comfortable watching than participating.

Densely allusive as "Black Deutschland" can be, Jed's emotional distance from the people, places and historical events surrounding him ensures that we see the novel's characters and context through a dark glass, as shadows flitting across the screen of his mind. Lost in his own head, Jed also occasionally loses us. Pinckney's presentation compounds the challenge; his novel is structured as a series of fragmentary vignettes floating on Jed's stream of consciousness. But each of those vignettes comes our way through writing that's consistently trenchant and fresh.

The heavily placarded walls of his favorite bar "looked like the inside of a shoebox of secrets. Writing like that makes it easy to keep faith with "Black Deutschland" and its lonely protagonist, even as he struggles to believe in either the world or himself. View All Blog Posts. You can view today's paper or previous issues. Valerien Ismael, born in France but who also has German citizenship, enjoyed brief spells in charge of Nuremberg and Wolfsburg.

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Addo is also breaking new ground by working in a new role that focuses on helping the inexperienced players get the feedback they need. Perhaps Germany has a few more developmental steps to take compared to Holland or France. Whether he realises it or not, Thioune is the man driving Germany towards the next developmental step. In the stadium, like in many around the country, banners showing the words nie wieder never again were held aloft as Germany remembered the victims of National Socialism.

One of the key messages was about developing an active remembrance culture.

The same is true of discussing race. Jerome Boateng spoke out about racism he experienced in youth football in Germany, in the same week that Frankfurt's black players reported racist abuse during a match. Racism is still a blemish on the game. Now, the country is amid a heated debate that dangerously disregards the rules of civility, writes DW's editor-in-chief, Ines Pohl. On the 74th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, German football fans are among those saying: Never again.

DW's Matt Ford thinks the message has never been more important. ZDF commentators consistently described Meghan Markle and her guests as "exotic" and were fascinated by her black hair. The public broadcaster has been roundly condemned by news outlets and people on social media.

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It rejected any suggestion of racism and stressed its integration work. Match-going fans in Germany used to stand alone against authorities if they had a brush with the law. But with relations between fans and police 'in a bad place' legal collectives have been set up to help supporters.

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