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This was a fantastic break! Jill really came to the rescue and did a fantastic job. He knew that in showing and using the boat it would spend many nights tied up to dock, and so he needed a cockpit cover to keep the interior clean, dry and protected during these overnight stays. However, there was one concern in making a cockpit cover that kept gnawing at Jeff. He came up with a clever alternative. Instead of using the traditional snaps to attach the cover, he tethered it to each of the four docking cleats.

Then he added pockets to the cover that hold collapsible fiberglass tent poles to keep the cover taut. He also sewed some tote bags and did some canvas mending for a local sailing club. While finding satisfaction in the items he was producing, the actual act of sewing on the old Thompson was more often than not tedious and frustrating. The machine lacked the power to go through multiple layers of fabric and the stitch length adjustment would not hold in place. The final straw came when the tensioner broke.

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He then found a local sewing machine repair mechanic who installed a tensioner from a different model machine. What made Jeff decide on an Ultrafeed? Following many other boatbuilders on the Glen-L forum who did their own upholstery, he noticed that most used the Sailrite machines and all of them spoke highly of their machines. Jill also loved her Ultrafeed and recommended it. So, for me, buying the Sailrite machine was a no-brainer. Having a heavy-duty sewing machine opens up a realm of new project possibilities.

Another thing Jeff is looking forward to is loaning his Ultrafeed out to his brother. Oh, and how did Jeff come up with the name Pretty Girl Too for his second boat? Boy, what a keeper! I know how much time both those projects took, and to be that patient with such a driven fellow, blows my mind. Beautiful boat, and beautiful Upholstery. I am impressed. Now after that inspiration, maybe I can try to make some fender covers. This Pretty Girl Too project is truly a work of art. It appears to be a masterpiece of a life-long boat builder!

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I cannot find the words to describe how inspired and impressed I am to have read and viewed this project report. Great thanks to the Sailrite Company for sharing this report! So wonderful that you had a vision and made it happen. Nice that your family and friends could be involved too. Well done!

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Wonderful story Jeff! You are a true craftsman. Thank you for mentioning Glen-L—we truly appreciate it. What a wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures. Kudos to you and yours, and many enjoyable times in your boats. The boat is truly beautiful, but the relationship that you and your wife has is the most impressive. Nice work Jeff!

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Some people post brilliant, flawless work on these forums, and it can get competitive. But I recently read an editorial by Maynard Bray, a well-known boat-builder, who expressed the view that boats should be fun. I took that to heart. If we get a scratch on one of our boats, we can fix it or keep it as a badge of honor. Cookie Settings.

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Joseph H. Antin, MD. Sound Bites. When did you become interested in boats?

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Fortunately, our lumber supplier had some recycled wood: A winery in upstate New York had recently gone out of business and was selling off their property, including a disassembled, foot wine-aging vat made of Western red cedar. We converted one of the barrel staves into the panels of this boat. It smelled like wine when we first built it, but the smell faded by the time we sanded and finished it. How did you transition from reading about boats to building them?

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When do you find the time to work on these projects? Have you and your wife enjoyed working on the projects together? Antin with the foot racing kayak he and his wife built.