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The people in charge — complacent politicians and corporation heads who grossly benefit from maintaining the status quo — are buffered from real-life consequences of climate change. But millions of people don't share that privilege. For them, climate change isn't an abstract concept, but a daily state of emergency , whether it comes in the form of "prolonged drought in sub-Saharan Africa…devastating tropical storms sweeping across Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific…[or] heatwaves and wildfires," as Amnesty International reports are all too real problems people are facing on a regular basis.

Global Economics Gets a Facelift With The Atlas of Economic Complexity

Millions of people in over countries across the globe marched for lawmakers and corporations to take action to help stop climate change on Friday, September The Climate Strikes were organized by children around the world as an extension of the of the "Fridays for Future" campaign. Students have been walking out of classrooms on Fridays to speak out about political inaction surrounding the climate crisis.

There's no doubt the visual images from the marches send a powerful message to those on the ground but especially those watching from around the world. September 20th marks the beginning of a pivotal push for the future of our planet. The Global Climate Strike will set the stage for the United Nations Climate Action Summit , where more than 60 nations are expected to build upon their commitment to 's Paris Agreement for combating climate change.

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Stories Worth Sharing. Economic agents, be they banks, firms, households, consumers, or investors, act with strategic behavior and foresight by considering outcomes that might result from behavior they might undertake. Furthermore, they continually adjust their market operations, buying decisions, prices, and forecasts to the situations that these operations, decisions, prices, and forecasts together create. This adds a layer of complexity to economics not experienced in the natural sciences.

The recognition of such complexity has resulted in diverse new approaches to the analysis of economic phenomena. After two centuries of preferential study of static equilibrium models, economists are discovering models that contain discontinuity, nonlinearity, and a variety of phenomena that are not so easily predicted or understood.

New Economic Windows

They have in common an acceptance that economic phenomena should be investigated not as an outcome of deterministic, predictable, and mechanistic dynamics, but as history-dependent, organic, and continually evolving processes. This book targets the critical issue of decision making in uncertain conditions and situations. This book offers a thorough introduction to the highly promising complex agent-based approach to economics, in which agent-based models ABMs are used to represent economic systems as complex and evolving systems composed of heterogeneous agents ….

This book provides the first comprehensive introduction to multi-agent, multi-choice repetitive games, such as the Kolkata Restaurant Problem and the Minority Game.

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It explains how the tangible formulations of these games, using stochastic …. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network.

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The FinTech effect and the disruption of financial services. CSO50 A step ahead of the threats. Enterprises misaligning security budget, priorities. Industrial Age — Economy of Scale : this is where the mechanical and energy revolution starts with electricity, steam, oil and other fuel-powered machines appear within factories and created production lines. At this point, there was a better forecast of costs, for people new what a machine was capable of producing and, the machines, higher were the volumes.

This is where the economy of scale appeared and efficiency was driven by the volume produced, meaning that the more produced, the better. Post-Industrial or Digital Age : this age was marked by the rise of the cyber physical systems and was marked by a series of changes in the demand and supply relationship, creating a great increase on the variety of products and services offered by many companies to the market in attempt to cover all latent needs and new customer segments created by the unbundling of several products and services.

That combined with the hyper customization that is being demanded by customers is the perfect formula for the rise of an unseen cost complexity or economy of complexity. At this point, the balance between volume and the cost complexity itself drives efficiency, which is the opposite of scale. The chart below shows a summary on the two sides of managing this rising economy of complexity: Marco Antonio Cavallo Finally, the most important question is who should lead the company to its complexity balance?