Making Gay History: The Half-Century Fight for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights

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Farewell Dick Leitsch. May 11, - June 22nd, Dick Leitch, Kentucky native, New Yorker at heart, one-time president of the Mattachine Society of New York, was an early gay rights advocate who challenged police entrapment and championed the rights of gay people to get a drink without fear of harassment or prison. Spend some time with this gang of elders and hear how love, friendship, and activism live on for these trailblazers—even in their retirement community.

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Four stories of the moments that changed everything. The right to love and be loved for who we are has always been a driving force in the fight for LGBT civil rights and in this special bonus episode Eric shares love stories from his archive featuring activists who helped change the course of history.

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Morty Manford. Teenaged Morty Manford came of age in the s, at a time when psychiatrists often did more harm than good with young people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality in a world that had nothing nice to say about homosexuals. But once Morty settled his internal civil war, he jumped with both feet into a social justice movement that would change how he saw himself and how the world thought of and treated LGBTQ people.

You can hear Morty and Jeanne tell that story in their Making Gay History Season One episode, which I recommend listening to before listening to this episode. Greg Brock. Greg Brock blazed a trail for LGBTQ journalists by being himself at a time when doing that could sabotage your career or cost you your job. Paulette Goodman. Paulette knew what it meant to be different, to be demonized, and to have your life threatened because of who you were.

Read an article about Paulette and the group here. Morris Kight. He cut his activist teeth in the labor, civil rights, and anti-war movements, and from on brought all his passion to bear on catapulting himself and L. To learn more about Morris, have a look at the information, links, photographs, and episode transcript that follow below.

There is also a Morris Kight Facebook page. In his Making Gay History interview, Morris talks about the horrific March beating death at the hands of Los Angeles police, which galvanized local activists.

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Morris Kight was a co-founder with the Rev. Pride Parade and Festival here. In , Morris co-founded the Stonewall Democratic Club.. Morris played the grumpy poet in Leather Jacket Love Story , a film about a gay aspiring poet in L. Morris Kight died on January 19, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin.

Making Gay History | LGBTQ Oral Histories from the Archive

Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin were the originals. With six other women, they co-founded the Daughters of Bilitis - the very first lesbian organization in the US. DOB seems tame and timid today, but in it was risky and radical for a fearful time. Find an overview of the collection here.

The film documents both their relationship and their public life. In this picture book for children, Del and Phyllis point out landmarks they can see from the window of their home in San Francisco. They also talk about the changes they have seen throughout their lives for women and gay people.

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Larry Kramer. And then he picked up the New York Times on the morning of July 3 and read about a rare cancer found in forty-one gay men. Instead they wound up in court, and won. Represented by Gloria Allred. You may know his face from an iconic photo booth photo. Ellen DeGeneres. Everybody loves Ellen. In this interview hear a beloved icon at a crossroads. Perry Watkins. Sergeant Perry Watkins played by the rules.

The U. S military did not. Sylvia Rivera Part 2. Pull up a chair for a conversation with the Stonewall veteran and trans rights pioneer who reflects on a life of activism while she cooks a pot of chili. Season Three Preview. Edythe Eyde's Gay Gal's Mixtape. Already a visionary with her pioneering lesbian 'zine Vice Versa in the s, "Gay Gal" Edythe Eyde broke the mold again when she started singing positive ballads and gay-friendly parodies in LA's gay clubs in the s.

Rev. Barber: New North Carolina Law Replacing HB 2 is Anti-Gay, Anti-Worker and Anti-Civil Rights

Rewind: Sylvia Rivera. Season 3 arrives Oct 22nd! While you wait, here's another chance to hear trans icon, and Stonewall uprising veteran Sylvia Rivera relive that June night in vivid detail and describe her struggle for recognition in the movement. Tom Cassidy. Three decades ago he had to.

Joyce Hunter. Determined to keep that from happening to other LGBTQ youth, she survived years in an orphanage, suicide attempts, and a brutal anti-gay attack to change the lives of countless of young people. Smith and Donaldson. Gittings and Lahusen. When the Stonewall uprising upended the s homophile movement, Barbara Gittings and Kay Lahusen refused to be put out to pasture. Herb Selwyn. Herb Selwyn never hesitated to stick his neck out for others.

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  6. That included gay people at a time when other straight attorneys cashed in on the persecution of homosexuals and gay attorneys were too frightened to represent a despised minority. Morris Foote. On November 2, , when year-old Morris read on the front page of the newspaper that Boise police were rounding up and arresting gay men, he did the only thing he could think of. He ran. He didn't feel safe setting foot in Boise for the next 20 years. Jean O'Leary - Part 2. On March 26, she led the first delegation of lesbian and gay activists to the White House. Making history.

    Edition 1st ed. Subjects Gay liberation movement -- United States -- History. Gay rights -- United States.

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    Contents Pt. Before Pt. Notes Rev. New York : HarperCollins Publishers, Includes index.

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