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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. Affiliate income can be pretty lucrative if you do it well… why you should take this course, and more on that later. To turn it into passive income, you have to put some work into your blog… and a little cash.

As all of you know, I'm a big fan of putting money into your business. That's the biggest reason I've been successful with blogging so far. If I see a course that will help me, I take it. I pay for the better themes.

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I put advertising dollars into my business. If you treat your blog like a hobby, either not investing in it at all or sinking money into it without any thought, success is always going to be just out of your reach. Your blog is a living, breathing business, so treat it that way.

As far as online courses go, that's middle of the road and quite honestly a fair price for the amount of valuable information you get. You can sign up for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing through my exclusive link here , but continue reading below for my full review. Not to get sappy, but on a personal level, Michelle is one of my favorite people. Her blog has been crushing it these past few years. One of the biggest money makers for her is affiliate marketing, which means she has a lot of experience to share with bloggers in a variety of niches, not just personal finance bloggers.

Yes, you read that correctly. You might think that someone making that type of affiliate income is trying to sell everything under the sun, even some pretty horrible products. This is exactly what she teaches in her course. Like a lot of the higher quality courses that are coming out in the blogging world nowadays, Michelle's course is created with Teachable. I liked the Teachable platform so much that I decided to use it for my courses. The great thing about the Teachable platform is that the course creator can make several different modules, which the student can basically complete at their leisure.

It's a text-based course with 30 lessons, and it's basically like reading several blog posts on each aspect of affiliate marketing. If you read Michelle's blog, you'll know that her writing style is clear and very easy to understand and implement.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: A Dead-Simple Guide

I finished Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing in about a day, but I have gone back several times to re-read modules and refresh myself on things that I might have missed the first time. By the time you are done with the course, you will have a solid understanding of how affiliate marketing works, what products will work best for your site and audience, and multiple strategies to use on your own blog. Michelle has also chosen to forgo some of the marketing strategies some bloggers, myself included, use to promote their products.

The fact that she has reached so many bloggers by word of mouth alone is huge, and I think that speaks to the quality of the course. Sign up for the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course today!

Final Word

Like I mentioned earlier in this review, Michelle's course was huge for my business. I publish monthly income reports to document where I make all of my money online. My first one was in August of when I first took this course. Before August, I was mainly making money from sponsorships and my digital marketing business. I can very honestly say that my success with affiliate income is directly from Michelle's course.

I probably would have made some money in affiliate income if I hadn't taken it, but nothing substantial most likely. I didn't really know what I was doing with affiliate marketing before I took the course, and I was basically just slapping links up and hoping for the best. I focused on growing my course income in while still generating some affiliate income in the background. Now that the course is dialed in, I'm growing my affiliate income again. Understanding how to optimize a post for affiliate income gave me a lot of options, because I was able to use those same strategies in the affiliate course to drive people to my courses instead.

But, I've been doing this professionally and I have personally coached enough bloggers who have also had their affiliate income rise as a result of this course to give it a strong recommendation. But, here I am. I started at zero readers just like everyone else. In fact, I used to really suck at blogging, haha.

Learn how I went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month.

You have to put in the work of actually implementing the lessons of the course, while at the same time growing your site in other areas. How hard you are willing to work to grow your affiliate income is up to you, the same with any other income source. One of the other cool things about the course that can help grow your blogging income is that Michelle lets anyone who has taken the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course become an affiliate for the course, which seems appropriate being that it is about affiliate marketing.

She says this is because anyone who has taken the course will know how to do affiliate marketing well. Traffic definitely helps you make more money, but it's not always an apples to apples comparison when it comes to how much you can make with affiliate income. Michelle actually has a smaller readership than some of the bigger blogs out there, but she is consistently earning more in affiliate income than many of those bloggers.

It really comes down to how well you implement the course strategies, how much you engage with your readers, and how you build trust with your audience. There is a 30 day full money back guarantee on the course too, which means Michelle is pretty confident you're going to like the course and get a good return on your investment. Also, you have to have the patience or you won't make it as a blogger anyways. Blogging is a fairly slow business model, so building trust with your readers takes time. They have to know you aren't going to send them to some boo boo product or service.

There are pretty sweet freebies at the end of the course that you'll find really valuable for your blog. For me, the Pinterest Strategy bonus was the most helpful. I can probably speak for most guy bloggers that Pinterest is a little intimidating just because we don't use it as heavily , and it had some great tips on growing there. I wouldn't say that it's a full solution, but it's a great start if you aren't getting much traffic from Pinterest right now.


Because, if I review a product and, basically, my review is a fabrication — a complete lie — then my name becomes tarnished. If my name becomes tarnished, then folks, such as your good self, will not ever wish to make a purchase via my affiliate links. Lying about a particular product is not for me.

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When you read my product reviews, you get the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me. Alas… not to be. Module 1: What is Affiliate Marketing? Module 3: Follow the Rules. Module 6: Rinse and Repeat. Course Bonuses. For many, the Facebook group is the real hidden gem of the entire course.

Michelle offers one-to-one advice within the group — that, in and of itself, is kind of a priceless value.

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Again, this sort of thing is extremely valuable! You also can, if you wish to seek, get feedback on your blog and blog posts in general, from the experts that have frequented these same paths that you are currently pursuing. I guess, the main reason I decided to invest in this course is that I wanted to become an affiliate provider. The only way to affiliate for the course is to — you guessed it — invest in the course.

Michelle pays out to affiliates on a day-plus scenario: Meaning, should someone purchase the course via your affiliate link, you get paid after 30 days have elapsed since the investment was made.

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This allows for the day refund option to take effect. After you invest in the course, you have 30 days to ask for a full refund. You will get all of your money back providing that you get in touch with support within 30 days of your course investment.