Moduli spaces and invariant theory [Lecture notes]

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I discovered later that this toy, made by Hands on Toys who make other cool things , was created by a sculptor and mathematician, Dick Esterle. At some point I hope to write more about this. You can order the toy on the web: google "Nobbly Wobbly". Lee, in Surveys in Differential Geometry Vol. XIV: "Geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces" in honor of the 40th anniversary of Deligne and Mumford's paper, , Sur.

Press, Somerville, MA, Snowden, Proc.

Wickelgren, J. Nombres Bordeaux 23 , no. Adrian Langer kindly told us about an earlier description of nonexistence of group structure on etale covers of group schemes; Maruyama has a great example, which is Remark 4 in Miyanishi's paper "On the algebraic fundamental group of an algebraic group" J. Kyoto Universit, 12 See "Covering spaces of algebraic groups" by Andy Magid Am. Monthly 83 for more. Snowden, C. Paris , no. This is an announcement of the results of papers 35 and This is the main paper in the series we four have written, and resolves the structure hinted at in Code is available here.

Snowden, Comm. Algebra 40 , no. Sottile and J. Watt ed. Liu and H.

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  • Book Moduli Spaces And Invariant Theory Lecture Notes 2017.
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Xu, J. Crelle's Journal , to appear. Lee, in "A celebration of algebraic geometry", , Clay Math. Wood, Duke Math. Penev, Algebr. Patel, submitted.

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Current research interests: deformation theory, Schubert varieties, invariant theory, moduli of curves, Gromov-Witten theory, fundamental groups, universal covers, the Grothendieck ring of varieties. Here are some. I've not bothered linking to many others in my column in the Mathematical Intelligencer with Michael Kleber, or in Mathematical Mayhem, for example. Keller, Amer. Monthly, Dec. An interesting article we learned of after this article was published: p -arclength of the q -circle, by Lindqvist and Peetre, in the Mathematics Student in A reference to this and a couple of other articles will appear soon, and I'll add a link here.

Geometric invariant theory and applications to moduli problems

Monthly, February This article has won the Lester R. Ford Award in and the Chauvenet Prize in Vi Hart has another terrific take on doodling and mathematics. MathOverflow , with A. Geraschenko and S.

Representations & Geometric Invariant Theory

Morrison, Notices of the Amer. Here is the American Mathematical Monthly Review. For an amazon link, click here searching for the title on amazon will only yield the first edition due to a flaw in amazon's software. Here is a small pic of the cover by Henry Segerman , so you can see the intricate details. Here is a bigger pic. Here is a youtube video of the Fibonacci pinecone being built. Here is a video of a related "Fibonacci landscape" the HD button below the video switches it to high definition, and is better for seeing what's going on.

Mirror Symmetry , with K. Hori, S. Katz, A. Klemm, R. Pandharipande, R. Thomas, C.

Vafa, and E. Zaslow, Clay Math. Kedlaya and B. Poonen, Mathematical Association of America, Happy campers.


Summer School held in Cetraro, June , , with D. Abramovich, M. Marino, M. Thaddeus; K.