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That said, I spoke with our lawyer and having mod A depend on mod B is fine—it doesn't matter if mod A is for sale and mod B is free, or if mod A is free or mod B is for sale. That's where things start to get murky. Instead of contacting a lawyer, as it now seems he should have, Chesko went ahead and and built the Art of the Catch mod, which requires a separate, free animation package that contains an FNIS behavior file.

Was it a bit crappy of me? Also yes," he wrote.

He was not happy, so I took steps to resolve it. I did not 'steal animations' or 'steal content'.

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But he's also been in contact with a lawyer from Valve, who clarified that, in accordance with policies outlined yesterday , the mod, and Chesko's other work, will be marked as unpurchasable but will not actually be removed from the Workshop, despite his demand that it all be taken down completely. The copyright situation with Art of the Catch is shades of grey, but in Arissa 2. Game creator Bethesda Softworks has released a series of videos over the last week detailing more of the sights and sounds of the epic experience, and we've collected some of the clips together for your enjoyment.

Aside from the rich lore that has always been a feature of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim has many improvements over its predecessors.

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A newly integrated graphics engine called Creation makes for unbelievable landscapes and visuals as seen in the video above. Be sure to check out the detailed backstory and podcast about the land of Skyrim at the official developer blog.

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A completely redesigned animation system in Skyrim offers much more complex combat sequences and fluid movement experiences. There appear to be a satisfying assortment of ways to kill people and creatures, which is important in keeping players like me engaged. The montage above shows off just a few of the magic spells and combat players can see in the game. One of the most critical parts of any video game--especially in the role-playing genre-- is sound.

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If the sound doesn't teleport you mentally to another place, then gameplay suffers. That certainly is not an issue with Skyrim, which has an epic sound track and ambient audio full of minor details.

The lengthy video above points out one previous criticism of older Elder Scrolls games, like Oblivion, was the lack of diversity in character voices. Bethesda integrated 70 voice actors--including big names like Christopher Plummer , Max von Sydow , Joan Allen , and Lynda Carter --who play more than roles in the game. It is safe to say diversity has been achieved, Bethesda.

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