The Holographic Universe

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Holographic principle

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User Reviews. The theory was first proposed by physicist Leonard Susskind in the s. He showed that many of the laws of physics can be described mathematically using two dimensions, rather than the three we experience. Cosmologists like this approach because it could help solve one of the biggest puzzles in physics: how gravity works on extremely small scales.

Without this, physicists struggle to understand what happens inside a black hole, or what happened at the moment the universe came into existence. According to previous theories, when matter falls into a black hole it is crushed out of existence. But how can something just vanish? It contradicts the principle that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

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Using the holographic principle, this paradox is solved because nothing is destroyed. Cheselden reported what he then saw:.

Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe

The boy saw, at first, patterns and colors pressed flat upon his eyes. Only weeks later did he learn to perform the magic that we daily take for granted: to inflate a flat pattern at the eye into a three-dimensional world. The image at the eye has but two dimensions. Our visual world, vividly extending in three dimensions, is our holographic construction.

We can catch ourselves in the act of holography each time we view a drawing of a Necker cube—a few lines on paper which we see as a cube, enclosing a volume, in three dimensions. That cubic volume in visual space is, of course, virtual. No one tries to use it for storage. But most of us—both lay and vision-science expert—believe that volumes in visual space usually depict, with high fidelity, the real volumes of physical space, volumes which can properly be used for storage. But physics has a surprise.

How much information can you store in a volume of physical space?

Is the Universe a Hologram?

We learn from the pioneering work of physicists such as Gerard 't Hooft, Leonard Susskind, Jacob Bekenstein, and Stephen Hawking, that the answer depends not on volume but on area. For instance, the amount of information you can store in a sphere of physical space depends only on the area of the sphere. Physical space, like visual space, is holographic. Consider one implication. Take a sphere that is, say, one meter across.

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