The Slave Girl Trilogy Book 2: Heather and Cristel

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Lovely interview and you have definitely piqued my interest in the series. I love gargoyles and I definitely have my own dust bunny tribe! Thanks for the giveaway I enjoyed the interview it was interesting to learn more about Heather Boyd. I can't wait to start reading Hunting the Hero. Hello Crystal and friends.

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It's Friday morning for me and it's great fun to be visiting the blog. Crystal you are such a sweetheart for interviewing me and saying such lovely things about my stories. I'm still grinning from your emails.

Elf -- Another fan for Gargoyles. Bert -- Thanks for visting.


You can call yourself a writer, but until you've actually been published, you're just a girl who likes to write in your notebook. That's why Hannah's mom stopped the funds in the pilot episode. Hannah needs inspiration, and no one wants to read a memoir full of cupcake metaphors.

There needs to be some struggle. Maybe now Hannah can write about "that awkward time she walked in on her mom trying to wake up her dad after kinky shower sex? I'm not saying that I have a problem with geriatric sex. Hey, old people deserve to get it on, too.

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But I could have gone without that particular image in my brain. Also, what was the real point of this sex scene?

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Yeah, it went there. For a show that's often criticized for its crude sex scenes, this may have gone a little bit too far. Grandma has promised to be on her best behaviour but it is not too long before mischief and adventure comes knocking. Ollie's dad, a famous explorer has gone missing. His mum is too busy looking after his injured sister, Lucy, so it is left up to the two of them and Ollie's school friend, Piper.

They set off to Australia with a hot air balloon as their mode of transport! Of course the plot becomes quite complicated in a funny way. The main characters are likeable with Grandma sure to be a hit with the reader. Who does not like a grandma that doesn't make you eat vegetables, feeds you lots of sugar and takes you on amazing adventures? A welcome addition to the collection - suitable for ages 8 and up. Review Blog Aug 28 Grandma Dangerous and the dog of destiny:. Navigation menu. Apocalisse Italian Edition.

Glitch (Glitch Series #1)

Even as he fought unconsciousness, Balin knew he had one chance to save himself and the girl. They crashed down on a cold stone floor. The Guardian landed in a heap, and the girl tumbled away. Fitch hit his shoulder hard and heard a crunch, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his ankle. He struggled into a sitting position and gripped his calf, afraid to look at the damage.

He inched up his pant leg. The half-severed limb knit slowly before his eyes. His stomach rolled. Despite his healing abilities, it still hurt like hell. He gritted his teeth as the pain faded in waves. Finally, the red curtain of agony faded from his vision.

He glanced around, looking for new dangers. They appeared to have transported to a dark castle somewhere. Compared to the chaos in the Palace, the silence here echoed startlingly. Frigid cold bit at his hands and face. He glanced at the blond Guardian sprawled a few feet away, then to the slave girl. Fitch glanced between them. The girl? Experienced things that would make him cringe. But why would an ancient fae be a vampire plaything? Unless she was some sort of bizarre sexual deviant, she would possess the power to escape the vampires.

No, it had to be the man. He also possessed an unusual, ethereal beauty. And more than likely, a fae would serve the Guardians. Like most Guardian warriors, he wore protective leather pants. A clingy black T-shirt showed every ridge and hollow in his muscled chest beneath a tight-fitting jacket Fitch knew had specially tailored slits to allow his wings to expand. Fitch caught his breath.

American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): Heather Sappenfield's THE VIEW FROM WHO I WAS

Her voice was like silver bells, and the innocence in her gaze made him ripple with chills. Daylight, Fitch thought. He brought us here. She glanced at the man on the floor. A silken fall of hair tumbled over her shoulder. She crawled to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Fitch took a punch to the gut. Even simple friendships were too much anymore. Mortals died so quickly. Fitch pushed to his feet, gritting his teeth against a shock of pain.

It flared and drifted away. He tested weight on the ankle, and then limped to a blackened hearth. He summoned a burst of energy and threw a ball of fire into the petrified logs. The fire roared to life. Still the act felt embarrassingly weak compared to the power the fae Guardian had used to bring them here.