The Witches of Karres (The Witches of Karres, Book 1)

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Witches Karres by James H Schmitz, First Edition

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Philip K. Edward M. James Schmitz. Telzey Amberdon. James H. Arthur C. The Hub: Dangerous Territory. James Henry Schmitz, Collection. James Henry Schmitz. Eternal Frontier. Only some of these are explored in this book; others merely make an appearance to demonstrate that the galaxy is not tame. Pausert is being stalked by an energy being called a vatch, an incredibly powerful being that believes humans are imaginary characters in a fascinating dream or game. Also, there is the magic that Goth and her sisters use, called klatha, well-developed by the inhabitants of Karres — and left largely mysterious, because, as Goth tells Pausert, telling people too much about klatha actually inhibits their ability to use it later, and he definitely has the gift.

Either way, it prevents Goth from merely being the voice of exposition. In short, this is a fun, light-hearted story. Schmitz - January 20, pm.

Title: The Witches of Karres

The captain and Goth are only hours into their first courier mission when Vezzarn and Hulik enter the control room, admitting that they stowed away and asking to join his crew. Schmitz expanded the novelette into a novel in , and it was reissued by Baen Books in David Langford commented that the "plot isn't really defensible", but that overall the novel is "saved by pace and good humour", and that "its tone is genuinely light". Hayao Miyazaki contributed the cover illustration for the Japanese translation, first published in and reissued in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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