Through the Paper Curtain: Insiders and Outsiders in the New Europe

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Tor Bukkvoll. Heather Grabbe.

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Description As the EU and NATO prepare to enlarge, this volume assesses the likely impact on new member states and their neighbours remaining outside these two organizations.

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Through a combination of thematic and case study chapters it discusses the economic and security implications of enlargement for both 'insiders' and 'outsiders'. Other books in this series. Exit the Dragon? Add to basket.

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    Through the Paper Curtain Julie Smith. Bundesbank Cfr Ellen Kennedy. America and a Changed World Robin Niblett. Liberalizing Service Trade Phedon Nicolaides. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Martin Kovats. The European Roma Question.

    Over the last decade become a subject of increasing political interest and these organizations have taken numerous initiatives and estab- significance. This phenomenon is a symptom groups in member states and, in respect of the larger east European of a deepening malaise in a number of post-communist Roma minorities, are mainly focused on the accession process for states where the circumstances of Roma minorities rep- candidate countries.

    The internationalization of the particular resonance for European institutions. This paper makes an arbitrary and necessarily inconsistent dis- In addition, for historical and cultural reasons, there is a tinction between east European Roma and west European Gypsies profound gulf between perception and reality in respect in order to emphasize the differences between the two halves of the of people about whom more is believed than is actually continent.

    However, the groups covered by these labels are known known. The per- come. There are also important Objective conditions is the wide variation in estimates of the size differences in the wider economic, social, Rising Roma numbers10 result from better of their populations.

    The youthfulness of estimating from a count of the number of In particular, there is a profound difference Roma populations reflects the fact that their caravans, self-identification and the opinion in the political significance of the life expectancy is significantly lower than of neighbours. In the former, Gypsies are a periph- continue to rise in coming years.

    Through the Paper Curtain : Insiders and Outsiders in the New Europe

    In many east by isolated, poor-quality or overcrowded million, living in central and eastern European countries, the Roma issue goes to housing. However, these fig- the heart of the meaning of the state9 and bated by the decline of social housing and ures can most charitably be described as has important implications for the econom- mounting insecurity of tenure, which have educated guesses, and surveys consistently ic, social and political development of indi- led to an increasing number of evictions show that Gypsy identity is far more often vidual countries.

    This discrepancy is par- and tensions with local authorities over given to others by outsiders than it is volun- tially due to the relatively greater size of debt, rehousing, squatting and the like. Bakker and H. Kyuchukov eds , What is the which are that Gypsy ethnic identity is essen- achieved in by the Czech town of Usti Romani Language?

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    January , p. Kosovo, as well as the wider reassessment of the Hungary declared themselves to be Gypsies, Z. Similarly, in just p. There are many reasons context of a proliferation of ethnically defined have risen approximately fivefold since the end behind these discrepancies, the most important of political entities including Czech, Slovak, of the Second World War.

    On a number of Roma pupils completing primary falls on national governments. However, political level, the disconnection of Roma school, the vocational education chosen by post-communist states operate under con- citizens from mainstream society manifests the vast majority of Roma secondary school siderable economic and political con- itself in the growing number of Roma pro- pupils gives them outdated skills for which straints.

    What Holds Europe Together?

    They have experienced years of grammes, institutions and even legal en- there is little or no demand in increasingly economic stagnation and recession. Even titlements stemming from the concept of technological economies. Educational seg- where production has recovered to minority rights.

    In public discourse empha- regation has intensified in the form of levels, economies have been restructured to sis is placed more on cultural difference remedial schools, separate Roma classes encourage competitive capital accumulation than social exclusion, and on positive dis- and even separate educational institutions.

    While some of these, such as the Gandhi the elimination of poverty. In many countries they are ment, poverty, poor housing, health, social national identity politics. This not only con- the main victims of racial violence and tensions and educational disadvantage are structs a barrier to societal solidarity along have become the particular target of skin- essentially the same as 50 or years ago.

    Physical insecurity and lack of con- Governments have to contend with the help them? However, the creation s.

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    8. The introduction of a market econo- negative stereotype in local eyes as work- of a separate development path for Roma my has severely constrained the ability of shy, scrounging thieves, while those who politics disconnects Roma people and their many Roma people to cope with change by behave quite differently are nevertheless concerns from the wider political scene. In A recent study by the World Bank found Although the responses of governments embracing an explicit Roma politics, states extensive impoverishment.

      Given the extensive costs of effec- sions. National and Ethnic Minorities Guy ed. Press, , pp. Gheorghe and A. In most instances, situations are tic consensus rather than try to take Roma of what is likely to be a sustained political not comparable, and most social indicators policy out of the national context.

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      Roma populations face con- are far superior for east European countries To date, the main relationship with east siderable difficulties in constructing a than even for west European states with European states is within the accession coherent political lobby, which reduces their larger and more sedentarized populations, negotiations, where the Roma issue is dealt ability to put pressure on the state.

      To avoid political crisis govern- no antecedents. Indeed, it is crucial to rec- Each report is based on analysis of specific ments must maintain a balance between ognize that over the last years or so, national circumstances and the process expectations and concessions. Roma mobilization can be countered by ele- people and defining a place for their identi- However, as a result of a notable lack of ments from mainstream society. Confidence ties and cultures. The EU also needs to take intellectual and political accountability at all in democracy can be sustained only if it into account the representations of authori- levels,22 the Roma issue exhibits a strong effectively addresses clearly visible needs.

      The sym- Otherwise, east European societies face the well as its wider obligations to Roma people bolic attraction of a supposed trans- danger of a growing, frustrated, impover- and the societies in which they live. National focus remit. This would maximize the flow of National Minorities and the Council of determine.