Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman

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More recently, he has become part of a movement wherein laypeople are adopting the rhythm of Catholic prayer to their day.


Using the Liturgy of the Hours as its framework, this movement breathes through the history of the Church and continues today, although for a time, it became mostly the domain of monastic communities. However, vestiges of it remained alive within the laity, especially in the practice of Sunday evening vespers in parishes. In any case, this daily regimen of prayer developed by the Church is a vehicle for advancing in the spiritual life.

For this reason, it has often proven life-changing for the baptized, according to Father Gallagher. But what is the Liturgy of the Hours and how is it prayed? The Hours are a meditative dialogue on the mystery of Christ, using Scripture and prayer, especially the Psalms.

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Early documents testify to the practice of praying the Psalms throughout the early Church. From this arose the Liturgy of the Hours that we have today, inviting the faithful to five opportunities for prayer throughout the day: morning, daytime, evening, night and a more meditative time for the Office of Readings that can be prayed at any time.

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While the Mass is still seen as the pinnacle and most unifying prayer of the Church, Father Gallagher explains that it is complemented through the Liturgy of the Hours, which fill each day with spiritual fruitfulness. Father Gallagher writes that his understanding was enriched as he learned more.

The Church does this, not only by celebrating the Eucharist, but also in other ways, especially by praying the Divine Office. Father Gallagher notes that people often think it is too hard to incorporate these prayers into their busy lives and explains that it is acceptable to pray only a part of it and as specific circumstances allow.

At the end of the book, Father Gallagher includes a listing of options for laypeople to begin praying the Liturgy of the Hours through the growing options available in books and digital versions. According to Father Gallagher, the key to benefiting from the Liturgy of the Hours is to find what works best and to just get started, so that God can bless our lives as we enter into a deeper relationship with him.

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I love my work. But three years ago, I witnessed something that would change my life forever. I had waited 15 years for this opportunity.

Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman

And I had a front-row seat to the carnage. Personally, was my wakeup call. Unfortunately, the last years brought a number of devastating wake-up calls much closer to home. Hurricanes Harvey, Lane, and Florence delivered record-breaking rainfall while Hurricanes Maria and Michael decimated entire communities with their force, including many in my home state of Georgia.

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  8. And beyond these deadly extremes, a host of additional climate change impacts represent a growing threat to ecosystems and communities alike.