Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces

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Email Address. Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Full-Wave Electromagnetic Scattering From Rough Surfaces With Buried Inhomogeneities Abstract: We develop a methodology for modeling coherent electromagnetic scattering from rough surfaces with buried inhomogeneities in three dimensions. The inhomogeneities considered in this paper include random spherical media, random cylindrical media, and root-like cylindrical clusters. They are used to simulate rocks, ice particles, and vegetation roots buried beneath the ground surface that can be seen by the low-frequency radars in Earth remote sensing applications.

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The approach we develop first calculates volumetric scattering from the media using coherent approaches, including both the conventional recursive transition matrix T-matrix method as well as a new generalized iterative extended boundary condition method we developed for tilted finite cylinders, and then transforms the T-matrix to the scattering matrix, which is then used to form the full scattered field of layered structures with rough surface and subsurfaces. Kirchhoff approximation ignores multiple scatterings between any two surface points. In general, it has been considered valid for the large-scale roughness components.

Rytov phase approximation to large-scale topographic roughness is not subject to the stringent restrictions that apply to the Kirchhoff approximation. Tests with the Gaussian and semicircular convex topographies show that the Rytov approximation improves the Kirchhoff approximation in both amplitude and phase. For a two-scale topography that consists of two extreme roughness components large and small scales , some assumptions are valid to combine the Kirchhoff and perturbation theories for rough surface scattering.

The realistic methods for the multiscale surfaces come with the Born series approximation that accounts for multiple scattering between surface points. For instance, the second-order Born approximation might be sufficient to guarantee the accuracy for general rough surfaces without infinite gradients and extremely large surface heights.

It must be stressed that the approximation solutions described in this article miss the conversion of energy between SH and P-SV waves that is one of the main features of the crustal wave guide in real situations. Extension to the elastic case must be conducted in the future. Shibboleth Sign In.

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Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces | Alexander G. Voronovich | Springer

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