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Originally Posted by wreckerman I just want a ride in the flying saucer from Roswell they have - might need a flight manual on that forehand as well. Originally Posted by zout. Papabear: i always suspected, but after the young woman that came into the terminal today A beautiful bird The past cannot be changed. The present must be survived. The future is what we build in the present, with the leftovers of the past. Free lunches are the most expensive. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Replies: 14 Last Post: , The men who flew this amazing plane became the USAF's first astronauts.

Powered by an XLR engine capable of producing 70, pounds of thrust at peak altitude, the X pushed the envelope for manned aircraft past the post office. Originally highly restricted, the manual was recently declassified and is here reprinted in book form. This affordable black and white facsimile has been reformatted. Due to the historic nature of this text, image quality can vary. Care has been taken however to preserve the integrity of the text. Add to Cart.

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North American X - Wikipedia

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X-15 Rocket Plane Pilot's Flight Operating Manual

Sworn Statements I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. So, do your best to find a copy, forget Soviet comparisons, check your mind at the door and enjoy X! Unfortunately, what could have been a good movie is turned into a major disappointment by a decision to take all the aerial photography done in format and stretch it to fit the 2. This makes the aircraft look strange and unreal.

It ruins the experience. This should have been a "must see" movie for aviation buffs since it shows an important period in the development of aviation. But stretching the film to fit a widescreen format makes the scenes of the X, the B mother-ship and the F and F chase planes look distorted and unrealistic.

X-1A Rocket Plane Pilot Manual

It is a real waste and a shame that the film producers were more concerned with using a widescreen than with a usable presentation. It sounds all weird but there actually is a very logical explanation for it; the movie just isn't very good or memorable. It's hard to even really call this a movie in the first place.

It's stuck somewhere between being a documentary and a slow moving drama. The entire story is being told in such a way that it almost feels like a documentary you are watching, complete with a lot of technical details and background information about the airplanes and missions. No big surprise, since the movie got actually made with the help of the space program and the air force. In a way you could even call this movie a piece of propaganda. But the movie also still tries to tell a story. Not hard enough though. Everything remains terribly underdeveloped, this goes for the story as well as for all of its characters.

The movie also never becomes a very interesting one to watch because of that very same reason. There is not a clear enough main plot line that it is following and because of that also all of the developments in it fall short and everything feels without consequences. It doesn't matter at all for the viewer when a test fails, or a plane blows up. You just don't ever feel involved enough with any of it, to care about anything. It all also makes this movie a bit of a boring one and definitely also overlong, since it starts to repeat itself pretty early on already and sometimes scenes just go on for far too long, without serving really a purpose for the movie in the first place.

It really doesn't matter at all that Charles Bronson, amongst others is in this movie. None of the characters get to do anything good or interesting and the acting and whole directing approach of this movie reminded me of a '50's science-fiction flick, that too desperately wanted to be taken serious as a movie. It feels the need to throw in all kinds of technical aspects and nonsensical questions, that are completely irrelevant in todays perspective. It's all very forced and wooden and lacks depth of any sort. But please, allow me to also still say something positive about this movie.

Because it got made with the help of the air force, the aerial moments are great looking ones. Normally movies like this would had uses some standard archive footage of planes flying but this movie is very consistent with its look and often shows some great, insightful, moments in the air, also often from the perspective of the pilot. At first I also was very excited when hearing James Stewart narrating this thing. However strangely enough the narration suddenly stops half way through the movie and Stewart can't be heard again, until the very end of the movie. Do yourself a favor and watch "The Right Stuff" instead.

It for some part handles some of the same subjects, about the earliest days of the space program and test flying but it does this a far more interesting and exciting way, than this movie ever does.

If you are an aviation junkie than X is the film for you. You will understand and grasp more readily than any of us ordinary film fans what's going on. I had to consult Wikipedia about the X so I was sure of what I was writing. The narrator of the film was well known Hollywood aviator James Stewart whose love of flying and flight was deep and sincere. He was in fact a general in the Air Force Reserve from his wartime experiences.

Stewart always took a reverential approach to flight, possibly too reverential to make his projects entertaining enough. It was the biggest flaw with Strategic Air Command. Perhaps had X been done as a straight documentary it would have been better. We never really get involved with any of the characters of the test pilots and their homes and families. It was true that one test pilot of the X was killed during the experiments and one of the pilots is killed in the film.

The X was kind of a not missing link between airplanes and rocket travel. It had rocket power that boosted it straight into the highest altitudes yet known and it sure was faster than anything yet known. The experiments would provide a lot of data for NASA to design the space capsules that our Mercury and later Gemini astronauts used.

It would have made a great documentary the X story. For aviation buffs this film's a It's something less for the rest of us. Uncommonly good technical accuracy, otherwise mostly lame Paul Raveling 22 July Substantial good footage of actual X flights, better than in some of the documentaries I've seen. The strongest points of this film are the flight footage and its technical accuracy.

Why Neil Armstrong's X-15 Test Flight 'Bounced' Off The Atmosphere

Even in shots showing actors faking flight actions in the cockpit what they show is accurate in the sense that it's the truth even if it's not the whole truth. The best way to appreciate much of this is to first study the X flight manual. All flight footage is real except for a couple short hokey segments showing a model for flight outside the atmosphere and during reentry.

If only Tom Hanks had an urge to redo this film the result probably would be a great one, but it wasn't Tom Hanks who did this edition. JohnnyLee1 25 April Saw this at time of its release and sat through it again for nostalgia only. At 1 hr 45 mins it's far too long. Better to watch a documentary. Often this comes across as a doco anyhow.

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